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Christopher Bolton


Stanford University. Ph.D. in Japanese. 1998.

Harvard University. A.B. in Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering. 1989.


Williams College

Professor of Comparative and Japanese Literature.
I have taught at Williams since 2003, first in the Department of Asian Studies and now in the Comparative Literature Program.

University of California, Riverside

Assistant Professor of Japanese. Department of Comparative Literature and Foreign Languages. 1998 – 2003.

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Please see my Book Projects Page for a more detailed description of these volumes.

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Time in Japan

I first went to Japan in 1984, when I spent a summer in Kyūshu as a YFU exchange student. After that I worked as a software developer in Osaka (1991), and studied language at International Christian University in Tokyo (1987) and the Inter-University Center in Yokohama (1993-94). In 1996, I conducted dissertation research as a Japan Foundation Fellow at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto. In 2011 I taught at the Associated Kyoto Program. These days I go back regularly for research.