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I started this site in 1998. All of the pages were constructed on Apple Macintosh computers. I have been an enthusiastic Apple user since the //e days.

Made on a Mac

I use BBEdit to maintain the HTML for the site. I feel strongly that pages like these should observe standards so they will be accessible to a wide range of user agents and clients on many different platforms. I try to keep them in compliance with the World Wide Web Consortium's standards for valid HTML and CSS.

W3C HTML 4.0 Valid CSS!

The page backgrounds show Japanese seasonal motifs, and come from the Mangekyō/Kaleidoscope site. If you are using Firefox or another browser that supports alternate style sheets, you can see the backgrounds for seasons other than the current one; in Firefox, for example, select Page Style from the View menu. The graphics and the overall look of the site are a little old fashioned at this point, but I think that reflects my nostalgia for the earlier days of the web, when more pages were coded by hand.

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The hosting provider for this site is A Small Orange.

For those curious about the domain name, "The Red Cocoon" (「赤い繭」) is a 1950 short story by the Japanese author Abe Kōbō. For more on Abe, see my Books page elsewhere on this site.